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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Thinking under the shower

I can't think of any sorrow in the world that a hot bath wouldn't help, just a little bit
Susan Glasee

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11 minds ignited:

Kadambari said...

Lol! You know showers consume more water than a plain old bucket of water.. Anyway, how come ET wrapped a towel around when usually there are no cover ups! :P

Anonymous said...

Lolzzzz...Love this piece!

Usually he wears a skin tight suit. He had taken it off for the shower. Hence the towel!!! :D

et said...

@ kaddu
Hmm i saw that comment coming while drawing itself! :D

..and @ choco
thanks for covering that! cheers buddy!

NIM said...

that is sooooo cute...i think the vodafone guys copyed ur :P

et said...

@ Nim
Hmm u'r kinda right! Shud we go for a copyright violatn case?? :O

Shravan RN said...

lolz et.. same to you, i love the shower as well:) and nice sketches :) and well, its the shower that ignites my mind to write new poems.. almost all poems in Om born under the showers :) lolz again buddy :)

Now In Obnoxious Mind

et said...

Yeah.. the greatest creations are born under the shower! :O

Azra Raphael said...

i love the shower too! but bathing from the bucket? helps save water, y'know

et said...

@ raphe
water saving.. the one environmental friendly thing i'm not interested in!! :P

DuDo said...

haha lot of environment friendly activists here...

but i luv 2 shower.... no compromise on a shower rgt et???

luvd da toon strip buddy.. keep it coming... :)

Shankar Narayan said...

Brilliant. Love the style. :) will keep a tab on your work.

:) :D :O :r :( ;) :P :| :$ :~ 8| 8)
:k :@ :L :v :d :f :c :o :i :h

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