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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Starting Note

et on Fire started  as a general art blog, but it quickly morphed into a webcomic. Even as more characters and events are happening around et, I'm leaving this first post in tact. This is the post I did on the day I published this blog. 

First Comic Dead end! Last Comic Next Comic Random Comic!

11 minds ignited:

Uncertain Princess said...

et..i lov ds blog f perfect

arunima said...

gd job ever..jus love d new idea..flaming

Choco said...


You ARE On Fire!!!!! :) :)

I love this place. And the transparent template design & flaming favicon are both so rad!

Oh & ty for the special mention :)

Keep Blogging!

et said...

@ all
Thanks for all u'r encouragement. keep visiting the place ! :)

@ choco
Kaddu also mentioned the favicon. Never thought it would be a hit! :D

Hashir said...

Love the new template eT. Keep it up Dude. will surely visit for more :)

Archana said...

Hey just happened to chance across this blog from Indiblogger. Glad to see another art blog :) You've got a different style of artwork, it's interesting. I like the image icon for meet the other blog.

et said...

@ Hashir
ThanQ dude! Will get something interesting for your next visit! :d

@ Archana
OH! btw me too happy to find another art blog. Saw all ya vector art stuff! :) Cool, n see ya around!

Anjai said...

good work appu...
keep going....

et said...

Lot thanks!! :$

Lilie said...

thanks for following. I really like your blog. :)

et said...

@ Lilie
My pleasure! Keep visiting pal! :)

:) :D :O :r :( ;) :P :| :$ :~ 8| 8)
:k :@ :L :v :d :f :c :o :i :h

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