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Join hands in transcribing the comics!

Many people start wondering.. "What IS this transcription?". Well, its a really long story my friends.
Just kidding!

The idea behind transcription is simple. It makes the comics searchable. 
Suppose you come to et on Fire and read a comic about jelly fish. Later, if you want to find the same comic, it will be a tough work going through the archives before you finally figure out where it is.

BUT, what if you could just type in 'jelly fish' in the search box and the comic shows up?!
To transcribe a comic means, you type in the conversations in the comic in a text box and it will be posted to the comic's database. Then you'll be able to search the comic!

The most important thing is, it just takes a minute of your time. Just look at the comic, and type in the dialogues. Later I can edit it if there's anything to be added. If everyone can take up a atleast one comic and transcribe, it won't take much time before the entire et On Fire becomes searchable.

Watch for a "Transcribe this Comic!" button below each comic. Clicking this button will take you to a page where you can type in the transcription for the comic.

After typing in the transcription, just hit the Submit button and there you go!
You can transcribe any number of comics(including zero, which is not really recommended)
Happy transcribing!

Check out this list of recently viewed comics that need transcription.

The transcription page contains necessary instructions.
You can also check out this example below:

The comic :

What about prime numbers?

The transcription:
[[et stands looking at a four petaled green flower in his hand]]
et(thinking): This green flower has an even number of petals

[[et stands in the same posture]]
et: Damn! She loves me not.

{{bottom text: What about prime numbers?}}
{{title: Do the math before you love}}
{{tags: green flower, love, maths}}

  • Note the special contexts where [[ ]], {{ }}, a newline etc are used.
  • 'title' is the text which appears when you hover your mouse on the image.    

First Comic Dead end! Last Comic Dead end! Random Comic!

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