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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

echo On Fire

[[et stands in front of his home/garage. He is frowning]] / echo:et, when will you return my jetpack? / et:Man, I'm still trying to figure out the controls! / echo:Okay / 3 DAYS LATER.. / echo: et, are you gonna return my jetpack now / et:Well, I wasn't really sure how to load the fuel / echo:It's in the middle section. Press the blue button ans fresh fuel is loaded / et:Okay / 1WEEK LATER.. / echo:et, hope you had all the fun with MY jetpack. Now can I have it back for some use? / et:echo, give me some more time. I'm only getting familiar with the handling / echo:Okay.. LAST chance! / et:Okay / STILL 4 DAYS LATER.. / [[et stands with the jetpack on his back]] / et:Hi, echo / echo:Hey. et. Hm, that's my jetpack, right? / et:Yes / echo:You going to give it back, right? / et:Actually.. no / echo:What? / [[et suddenly propels into the air with the jetpack with a SWHOOSH]] / et:Goodbye, echo / echo:NOOOO! / {{title:Never share your books and jetpacks}} / {{bottom text:And et flew away in echo's pink bubbly flame emitting gay jetpack. }} / {{tags:betrayal,flame,rocket,friends}}

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12 minds ignited:

Shahbaz said...

LOL :o

Shriti said...

lol xD
hahaha :r

NIM said...

Awww...poor echo...! Gay jetpack?

eternalthinker said...

@ Shaazz, Choco-luver
*LOLS back* !

Gay jetpacks were cheaper! (And stealing gay jetpacks is even cheaper!)

Insignia said...

Hahahaha!! Whats with the gay jet pack?? :-P

eternalthinker said...

@ Insignia
It was bought in reduction sale from Princess Unicorn shop :P

Insignia said...

Lol!! And please give me the address of the shop. I wanna buy some stuffs for reduced price as well. And I hope they sell to human species too apart from aliens!! :-P

eternalthinker said...

@ Insignia
But the shop was just blown up recently because the pinky death rays machine went leaking! Sales CLOSED.

Insignia said...

:-( hard luck!

eternalthinker said...

@ insignia

Enigma said...

Aww! Poor Echo.. Pretty amusing!! :O

Raveena said...

This is why I never give my Jetpack to anyone.

:) :D :O :r :( ;) :P :| :$ :~ 8| 8)
:k :@ :L :v :d :f :c :o :i :h

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