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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Showing it all

So so.. everyone is in love with the Vodafone's new advertisement trend, the ZooZoos. Guess you've noticed the similarity between et and zoozoo.
Now, remember that busy status message ad of the zoozoo? What if it was et instead of zoozoo??

Watch the Uncut Edition here.. ;)

Warning: The following strip contains violence and blood!

Zoozoo is copyrighted by Vodafone. No offense intended!

Extra info:

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12 minds ignited:

Shravan said...

et.. that was an innovative thought :D and yes, that did strike me when i saw the ad that et n zz have similarities :) cheers :)

Kadambari said...

Ouch! That was wicked!

But hey, you could sue Vodafone for copyrights. And make millions! Zoozoos do look like ET! :)

Anonymous said...

I have been telling the men glued to IPL in my home to take a look at my laptop to see the original toon behind that ad!!!

Forgot to mention it here! :)

& its comforting to see that et has red blood!!! :D I was thinking his blood was green or mauve or something...

et said...

@ shravan
hmm innovative ah? seems like i just found another person who doesn't care much abt violence in toon strips! :D

@ kaddu
..or shud i call u'r fullname? lots of confusion dese days..y'knw! ;)
Ummm then i'll seriously think about filing a case!

@ choco
..oh u'r alienating et!! I think I should've given et some more human name like zoozoo! :P

* મારી રચના * said...

hahahaha thts cool.. change ur name *ZoozoO *

et said...

@ khushi
Suggestions pls..! :)

Shravan said...

you are right et :) blood on toon stripes, no offense.. too much of them and a lil offense :D :P

NIM said...

hehehe.. too gud man.. :r

riddhiculous said...

Nasty but Nice :P sadistic I am for sure.. Liked the blog.

Anonymous said...

I have been going crazy about these Zoozoo ads.. :L lovely ads! One of the best ones I have seen. The only reason I watch IPL now is to see these ads! :D

et said...

@ Nim

@ riddhi
thanks ridhi.. keep visiting pal!

@ ramya
They are the reason for watching IPL for so many other people as well!

et said...

@ Shravan
Don't care! I've added the warning.. and faint hearted people doesn't need to proceed then!

:) :D :O :r :( ;) :P :| :$ :~ 8| 8)
:k :@ :L :v :d :f :c :o :i :h

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